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I am tender, faithful, sociable, romantic and calm. I am a stay-at-home, and prefer family circle to noisy companies. I like reading very much and doing household work. I spend my free time in the gyms. I easily find common language with new people. I always eager to learn something new, study foreign languages and gain useful experience. I love children, and I would like to have a common child with my future husband, but if he objects I would not insist, as I already have a daughter. I realize that at the start I and my daughter will have to rely upon my husband, but I will do my best to master the language, adapt to the new life, find a job and be useful for my family not only as a housewife. I fancy my future partner in life as a kind and reliable person, attentive and frank, appreciating real feelings and loving children.

 +7 (992) 227-35-45

I am energetic, enthusiastic, quiet, caring, sincere and very neat. I am an easy going person. I like travelling, hiking and camping in woods. Especially I dream to do it with my special man when curling up by a fire for a romantic evening. I am a theatre-goer, I love ballet. I like to listen to classical and popular music, to read books, to knit. I am fond of sports: aerobics and skating (in winter). I love cooking. I am a non-smoker. I don’t have any children but I am eager to have them. I don’t try to live one day at a time, and I don’t bite off more than I can chew. I am flexible and very adoptable to new situations. I am at a nice stage right now but I want to find someone who is on the same path as I am – my right man. I hope to meet a man who is clear what he wants out of life, who wants to have a family and children. A man who would encourage, support and root for me, because he can expect the same from me. I like men who are athletic, are into health, recreation and fitness. I have no preference about how tall he is. As we go through life I expect that we are both loving, faithful, honest, sensual, generous, communicative. It would be good if he likes travelling.

+7 (902) 802-95-19

I am active and sanquine person. I love to work and enjoy active rest. When I have free time I go to the cinema, have meetings with friends. Most of all I love socializing with people. I see my future partner as a tall, dark-haired man, who is well educated, intelligent, considerate and polite with women, especially with me.

+7 (912) 585-31-35

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